Flare Up - Uncomfortable Yet Glamorous

BFA Senior Collection
Project Overview
I want to raise awareness and normalize the perception of skin conditions such as eczema‭, ‬challenge traditional beauty standards‭.‬‭ ‬For those who suffer‭, ‬I want to show the unique beauty of eczema‭.‬
Creative director of the shoot and film @nayeka.s
Cinemaphotographer @lil_n1na
Photographer @kimkyuseo_ @jacqufilm
Stylist @abigailsilaen
Make-up artist @shreya.dhar23
Hair Stylist @gillianmilbauer
Drone Assistent @meg_mullen
Photography Assistance @_gabymartinezz_ @_gabymartinezphotos_
Accessories @_k.abiJewelry @jacqueline.euvoce.studio  @jacqueline_euvoce
Knitting @averyohart @avery_oh @emily.linstrum .
Models @lauryn_porter_ @brianna.roberts @hannahsetzler @madelinehelt  @jennnnnie_zhang